Dec 97 - Dec 99: LloydsTSB Group (formerly TSB Bank PLC) (6+7+6+6 months)

C, C++, Unix, Windows NT, ShellScript, IPC(shared memory+message queues), TCP/IP(mainly BSD Sockets/some SysV TLI programming), DES.
Sequent/DYNIX, VisualC++, Visual Basic, Windows 3.1, PVCS, ksh, Pro*C, Winsock, Infoman.
Application area:
Transaction Processing, Telephone Banking, Call Centre, Middleware, Encryption, Telephony Messaging Protocols, IMA/EDGE Connectivity.

Initially worked for PhoneBank development, the TSB telephone banking service.

Initially modified a Visual C++ application for formatting documents, as a component of their Print Server subsystem, making it scaleable.

Moved onto core Middleware development, on Dynix/Unix, helping implement the Lloyds/TSB merger Middleware, during the late development/test phase: investigated problems and implemented bug fixes. Also, created a middleware transaction generation/test tool, and provided design consultation.

Work continued with problem investigation, solution implementation, design consultation and documenting Unix applications in PhoneBank Middleware, and its derivatives. Specific items of work included:

Finally moved onto the Branch Systems project to bug-fix a Visual Basic application, and modify several Visual C++ programs.

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