February 2000 - May 2000: Teamwork Solutions Ltd. (3 months)

Skills:C, Java, Windows NT, server-side programming, screen scraping, TCP/IP, EDI.
Tools:Visual C++/v5.0, Windowns NT/Win32, EDIFACT Messages.
Application area:Airline Booking Systems, Data Comms, Middleware, Mainframe Connectivity

Initial task to debug a suite of servers connecting a database system with a mainframe. The Teamwork server includes business logic to "screen scrape" mainframe output. Moved on to feature enhance several servers. Followed this by implemented a server allowing connectivity between a the in-house system and an Internet booking engine. Specifications and program examples in Java, however a TCP/IP link allows us to retro fit the functionalty into existing C servers. Finished off the three months with a project to enhance a server with the ability to request "long" messages.

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