Scicon Ltd.

Dates:September 1986 - December 1987 (15 months)

Role: Project Member

Dates:September 1986 - November 1997
Skills:CORAL66, Oracle, SSADMv3, JSD, VAX/VMS, AutoCad, Bates Messages, D'n'D
Application area:Defence Project.

Joined the Defence and Aerospace Department on a military project, using a mixture of SSADM V3, JSD and Mascot. Worked on design documents and diagrams, moving onto coding, in CORAL 66, and testing. All work was on VAX/VMS or in AutoCad on an IBM PC. Maintened a project database (Oracle) containing Error Reports and Change Requests .

Role: C Programer

Dates:November 1987 - December 1987
Skills:C Programming.
Tools:Apple Machintosh, LightSpeed-C.
Application area:Structured Diagramming Tool, Software Engineering

Attended a week's basic Oracle SQL course, and an in-house course in Ada. Moved into the Software Engineering Department. Wrote a C program on the Apple Macintosh, using LightspeedC, to convert a diagram from a proprietary diagramming tool to an in-house design database format: registering diagramatic nodes and links.

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