Ipsys Software Plc. formerly Software Sciences Ltd. (34 months)

Dates:February 1989 - November 1991
Platforms:Sun 2/3/4, DEC/VAX, X11.
Application area:CASE Tools, Meta CASE, Software Engineering

Role: C Programmer

Dates:February 1989 - April 1990
Skills:C Systems Programing, Kernel Debugging
Tools:cc, SunOS, SunView, X11, Ultrix.

Joined the Software Technology section at Software Sciences Ltd in Handforth. Initially worked on the Sun and Ultrix ports of the Portable Common Tool Environment (PCTE) and its Object Management System. Work involved mostly kernel debugging. Training included a 5 day Unix kernel course (Instruction Set), a PCTE course (UCW, Aberystwyth), a 2 day training for trainers course. Joined IPSYS Software in a buy-out of the Software Technology section: started in the Development Group on example tools using IPSYS's Tool Builder's Kit (TBK), later used in the HOOD Toolset. Method specific fragments (i.e. non-generic functions) written in C/Unix (SunOS). Moved onto an ESPRIT project to prototype, in Bourne Shell, with extensive use of awk, a Change Management System (based on object reuse), and then completed in C.

Role: Test Manager

DatesApril 1990 - July 1991.
Skills:Quality Assurance, Team leading.

Primarily involved with improving the effectiveness of testing of the HOOD Toolset. Learnt the HOOD method, including a week's course (SD-Scicon). Updated the Test Specification for HOOD V3.1 and selecting a representative sample of these tests to satisfy acceptance. Involved client liaison. Attended a week course on testing (Dot Graham/Grove Consultants). Provided V3.1 acceptance. Created an acceptance test, test design and associated Ada code for V3.2. Managed a team of two. In spare time, developed a TBK tool (now on X11/ Motif) to record requirements and acceptance tests and support associated processes

Role: Consultant

Dates:July 1991 - November 1991.
Skills:Pre/Post Sales Support, Training, Test Management

July 1991, joined the Customer Services Group, taking responsibility for acceptance testing all IPSYS products. Following acceptance of the HOOD Toolset V4.1, duties included: acceptance testing; pre- and post-sales support; consultancy including training. Provided acceptance testing for the IPSYS SSADM Toolset 1.1, being in charge of a team of three. Attended an SSADM Version 4 Analysis course (LBMS), in September 1991. Gave training courses on Toolsets and Acceptance testing. Drafted acceptance tests for SSADM Toolset V1.2. Attended training on ToolBuilder. Also provided pre-sales technical support at customers' sites and post-sales technical support for the IPSYS Toolsets, TBK and ToolBuilder.

December 1991, attended a one-week X Windowing System Programmers/XView overview course.

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