Jan 97 - May 97 : EDS Ltd. (3 months+)

Skills:Windows, TCP/IP, C/Unix, EDI, X25, X400.
Tools:WindowsNT/Windows95, Visual C++, HP-UX, awk, ftp, BSD Sockets, HPUX.
Application area:EDI, Data comms., Message Passing.

Varied programming tasks:

Implemented an X400-TCP/IP gateway from a broad spec, using Visual-C++ on Windows95, as a QuickWin/Windows application, to be run on Windows NT. Also provided installation support.

Coded an event based message routing subsystem, K'n'R C on HPUX.

Wrote shellscripts to interprete Edifact messages, to generate OmniTrans data models, and to generate FTP scripts to perform generic downloads from an IBM-IE server.

Following a "profits warning" (see Computing, 1st May 1997), 3 month extension cut short, and put on 4 week notice period.

© Martin Wheatman