October 1993 - April 1994: EDS Ltd. (3+3+ months)

Skills: C/Unix, Dos, C-ISAM, signals, IPC and language design.
Tools: HP-UX/VUE, PC, Kermit, Thyron Smart Card reader, Zergo software, MS C V6, Informix C-ISAM, SMS, cron(vixie), lex/yacc (flex/bison).
Application area: EDI, Financial Messages, Unix/PC Comms, Security, BS5750.
Worked on the maintenance and development of an EDI product (EDItrade-TM) for several clients including a major UK bank. Reporting to the various team leaders on the project, day to day work involved general bug fixing and feature enhancement in C, mainly on HP/Unix. Other platforms supported include IBM/AIX and DEC/Ultrix. Included work using Kermit between a Unix platform and a PC, using the PC as a security server, operating a smartcard reader. All PC work was in MS-DOS/C. Spent a day helping on a quality audit.

After contract extension, work involved successfully developing an applications launcher/ monitor, following an in-house design. This included language design, interprocess communication and reworking a public domain cron. Reported directly to the designer.

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