Mar 1993 - Sept 1993: British Telecommunications plc (6+ months)

Skills:C++, Unix SysV (SunOS 4.1.2 on SunSparc and PTX on Sequent), Inter-Process Communication (SysV messages and shared memory), BS5750.
Tools:Unix tools (incl. SCCS), Oracle OCI-like SQL and SQL*PLUS, StP, PDL.
Application area:Telecommunications work management
Supported a complete systems interface between a system running on a Sequent machine and a mainframe over NFS. This consisted of one client process and two message servers to: download records; validate, vet and input this data into an Oracle database; and send back acknowledgements. IPC between the three modules is provided by SysV messages and shared memory. Responsible for all work on this interface: a majority of which involves introducing new functionality, including designing and implementating messages, and debugging. Development work was on Sun SparcStations.

Once validated, records were loaded into the system's Oracle database: work also included designing and implementing run-time loaded SQL scripts presented in an OCI-like fashion; where C++ calls are made to parse and execute scripts (binding parameters to the variables within the scripts) and fetch data from the database. SQL is also used to check the working of the V&V routines, and for setting up specific cases for module testing.

Reporting to a team leader (level 2), tasks were provided through a fault report/ change request tool. Change control, which involved managing branched edits when required, was also performed, through in-house scripts integrating the fault report/ change request tool with SCCS. Was also responsible for organising and running design and code reviews, followup work and module testing, all within a BS5750 environment. Design work performed on Software through Pictures (StP) and PDL.

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