Aug 92 - Feb 93: British Telecommunications Plc (6 months)

Unix, C++, C (CFlavors), OOP/OOD/OOA, X11, CMIP/CMIS, ISO9596-1, client/server architectures, TCP/IP, BS5750.
Unix tools (esp. emacs, sh/csh script programming, dbxtool), Sun Sparc X11/OpenLook, ObjectCenter, Oracle SQL*PLUS, CCC, FrameMaker.
Application area:
Network Management.
Program maintenance work and (minor) design work on a Network Managenment System developed on Suns. After an initial period of general bug fixing, moved onto more complex fixes, involved with the managment information base, inteoperability between agent/manager pairs over Ethernet, and within their CMIP message passing system both between machines and between processes. The system was based around an Oracle database, and therefore extensive use of SQL was made. Also performed minor DBA functions to maintain a database, e.g. creating scripts to drop tables, and importing and exporting tables, as well as 'the usual' SQL, to manage the data for testing purposes.

Reported to a team leader (Level 2) in weekly meetings, work was performed within a rigorous quality environment, using a host of software management tools, including CCC for configuration management, ObjectCentre (Version 1) for debugging and code analysis, and FrameMaker for documentation and design production. Object-oriented design work was on an in-house, Booch-like method. Work also included managing the project drawer: all the paper work involved in managing the project. Also instrumental in the introduction of an online change management tool, setting up scripts using telnet.

December '92, introduced to, and started using, Linux (SLS) at home.

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