December 1994 - July 1996 : Barclays Technology Services, formerly BNS (3+6+6+6+ months)

Skills: C/Unix, RPC programming, Yourdon, Hypertext generation, Intranet installation and management, World Wide Web, Client/Server, Ingres, build management. 
Tools: RS6000/AIX, DEC-Alpha/OSF, Caseware/Continuus, Teamwork, Mosaic, Netscape, WN (Web Server), ONC/RPC, FrameMaker, C-ISAM, embedded SQL, PC-NFS.
Application area: Maintenance of banking applications platform.

Initially worked for 3 months on testing. Following this, worked in a 3rd line support team for the (large) "Branch Platform" project. Tasks vary widely: from bug investigation and fixing, both on live and test phases, to general maintenance of both test and live systems. All work in Unix and C, including use of ONC RPC (including PC NFS). Configuration management using Caseware and latterly Continuus. Assigned as Build Manager, to oversee builds and electronically distributed packages, of intermediate releases and new support users. Attended various CaseWare/Build Manager/ Continuus courses. TeamWork used for (minor) design (Yourdon) modifications. Work based on heterogeneous network of IBM, DEC and HP. Assigned to investigate and port an embedded SQL change control tool, from AIX 3.1 to AIX4.1. Several (small) fixes made to this tool.

Taking the initiative, introduced an all new HTML database to record group information on the Branch Platform, making extensive use of CGI scripts, and maturing the HTML management toolset. Also, setup a Web Server on a DEC/Alpha box. This tool is now being used across the project.

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