April 1994 - November 1994 : Barclays Network Services (6 months)

Skills: C/Unix, DCE, RPC, IDL/TIDL, Yourdon, Hyper-text documentation, Motif, ISAM, TP Monitors, World Wide Web Client/Server.
Tools: RS6000/AIX, Caseware, DCE, Teamwork, Mosaic/HTML/WN ONC/RPC, FrameMaker, Legato, UIM/X, C-ISAM, Kerberos.
Application area: Development platform for banking applications.
Initially, worked on a pilot project, "Picasso", producing a platform of modular software components, of system services, to promote the reuse of code within software development at BNS. Designed and built several of these modules to a client/server architecture, in the DCE environment, under AIX/RS6000. Extensive use of DCE RPCs. Joined the project late in the design phase. Initially worked on a Software Environment Model and then several Code Organisation Models of modules, in Yourdon using Cadre's TeamWork. Introduced DCE RPC to the project team. All application front-end prototypes generated using aic (UIM) X/Motif tool. All coding written in C. Mid-way coding phase of project, the project moved over to Encina RPC's/TIDL, translated IDL to TIDL, to use TM monitor, and transparent binding. Later the project moved into Caseware configuration management tool. Attended a 2-day course on Caseware.

Took the initiative in creating a hypertext documentation tool in an attempt to improve project communication. Implemented scripts to generate hyper-text files, for ease of adding text to a project-wide help tool.

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