Aug 96 - Dec 96: British Aerospace Plc. (5 months)

Skills: C/C++/Unix, parallel programming, X/Motif, porting, TCL/Tk.
Tools: SGI/Irix, Sun/SunOS/Solaris, IBM/AIX, PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) 3.3.7, XDesigner.
Application area: Technical Computing/Solid Body Modelling.

Working for the Technical Computing section, work involves development programming and program modification. After an initial program bug fix, the first major task was to introduce parallel techniques (using PVM) a solid body modelling program to allow the use of SMP machines and loosely coupled network based workstations. This was a substantial task, taking approximately 2 months, and included the installation of XPVM, and the installation and setting up of TCL/Tk.

Went onto perform some more minor program correction tasks including the porting of the project from a mixed SGI/Sun environment to IBM/AIX, including installing a compiler and additional runtime libraries. Additional to this, the graphical front-end was also run under Exceed, running on a Windows/NT box.

The ongoing work is to convert a program specific text editor into a series of Motif interfaces, specific to each type of text required.

Other tasks performed include the inspection of Fortran, the modification of makefiles and shell script programming.

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